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Post-Master Degree Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation

Through years of exchanges with academics and industrials, a statement has been made: companies and our society currently face a real need for professionals with an expertise in AI but also in human movement. A gap has been identified between too technical or too theoretical trainings in AI that do not take into account the importance of human movement in Human-Machine Interaction. The Post-Master Degree " AIMove: Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation " aims to bridge this gap between technology and arts, between innovation and creativity. This Post-Master Degree meets industrial and academic needs by providing concrete solutions in terms of business skills, of technical and theoretical knowledge. To ensure the match between training and market expectations, AIMove brings closer industries and academia through partnerships.
AIMove will enable high-level generalists to acquire expertise in a rapidly growing field, addressing a multitude of topics through courses such as artificial learning, gesture recognition, machine learning, 
movement analysis, human-computer interaction, data protection etc. At the end of the training graduates can be considered as "movement engineers" able to take charge of collaborative robotics projects, developing gesture-based interactive systems, designing innovative solutions for the factory of the future etc.  After one semester of courses students' access to the labor market is facilitated by a mandatory 6 month internship in companies.
You can discover AIMove video presentation HERE


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Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation
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Institut Mines Télécom (IMT) ParisTech
75006 Paris  
Bac +6
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5 years at University Level (Bac+5)
4 years at University Level (Bac+4) and 3 years of professional experience

Thèmes abordés
Interfaces Intelligentes, interaction homme-machine, intelligence ambiante; Représentation des connaissances, extraction et gestion des connaissances; Robotique, vision par ordinateur, capteurs intelligents, systèmes physiques