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Deep Facial Animation

The animation of digital character faces in movies, TV productions and social interactions requires complex hardware setups (head-mounted camera) or a high number of hours of manual work by artists through the manipulation of so-called blendshapes.

The purpose of this internship is to investigate an alternative, where the facial animation would be generated using a deep generative network (GAN) drive by text or audio signals (i.e. text or speech to facial animation).

A first objective will be to evaluate performances and limitations of existing solutions, and try one (for instance temporal GAN). Then depending on the results, either develop a new deep architecture to compensate the current limitations, or ingest some emotional features into a network for emotional driven facial animation (such as in


The Internship is located at InterDigital Research & Innovation, Rennes, france.

generative adversarial networks, deep learning, 3D modelling, facial animation, face models, CGI
InterDigital R&D
35576 Cesson-Sevigne   
Site Web
Langues obligatoires
Anglais; Français
Bac +4; Bac +5

Deep learning theory and frameworks, Python.

4 to 6 months
Date limite
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